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Shipping & Payments

Acquiring Your Whiskyjak Box:


Initiate your journey by reaching out to us via phone or email. We are more than happy to answer any queries and assist you in selecting the perfect Whiskyjak box that suits your taste and needs. Kindly provide us with your name, delivery, and contact details.


We will promptly create and dispatch an invoice through PayPal directly to your email. This document will encompass the cost of shipping, tax (if applicable), and insurance. If you wish, we can forward an estimate prior to this.


Using the secure platform of PayPal, you can effortlessly complete the payment for your chosen Whiskyjak Box.


Upon receipt of your payment, we will meticulously prepare your Whiskyjak box for its journey to your home. Please be mindful that this process may take a day or two. You will be kept up-to-date on each step.

Please note:

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is persistent. However, all sales are final, and we do not accept returns unless our product sustains damage during transit.


We attempt to provide comprehensive details and visuals of our products on our website. We encourage you to peruse these resources to ensure your selection meets your expectations. Should you require additional imagery or information, we are more than willing to accommodate your request. Our goal is to ensure you are entirely confident with your purchase before it embarks on its journey to you.
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Should you reside near our workshop, we invite you to collect your new Whiskyjak box in person.


Each Whiskyjak box is dispatched encased in an elaborate protective system. The external layer comprises a standard cardboard shipping carton, which nestles a bespoke, reusable wooden crate lined with soft foam padding. Your Whiskyjak box, enveloped in a soft flannel pouch, rests securely within this crate. The pouch features straps for easy handling, while the crate lid is fastened with Phillips head wood screws. A custom-made Whiskyjak Phillips head screwdriver is conveniently accessible outside the crate within a concealed compartment.


Our experience dictates that swift delivery minimises potential mishaps. Therefore, all shipments are fully insured and personally coordinated by us. Tracking details will be communicated via email. We entrust FedEx with all our shipping requirements.

What's in the crate?

A meticulously crafted booklet accompanies your box, providing guidelines on maintenance and serving as your certificate of authenticity. It also includes an exhaustive description and a list of materials for creating your unique Whiskyjak box.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping or payments or if you would like to inquire about the boxes. 

Custom Crate and unbox
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