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Box No.9 front closed

Box No.9

Experience the elegance of Box No.9, crafted from Claro Walnut Burl that exudes sophistication with its unique pattern. The outside of the box features Claro Walnut Burl with all corners matching, and the top is book-matched with the join line running fore and aft, adding to its flawless design. 


The Black Walnut core further enhances the box's durability, making it a long-lasting investment. 


The box comes with a single tray made of matching Claro Walnut Burl and features a soft beige lining, making it perfect for storing your trinkets or jewelry. Plus, the box's single tray design means there is ample storage space under the tray for additional items. The tray rests on four delicately shaped Ebony supports that seem to grow out of the box walls. 


Box No.9 is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, showcasing expert craftsmanship and the exceptional beauty of Claro Walnut Burl. Get ready to elevate your storage game with this exquisite box, which will impress anyone who sees it. 



~ 116 mm x 202 mm x 321 mm (4-9/16” x 7-15/16” x 12-13/16”)


~ The box without tray(s): 95mm x 173mm x 293mm (3-3/4" x 6-13/16" x 11-1/2") 

~ Lower portion of the box: 60mm x 173mm x 293mm (2-3/8" x 6-13/16" x 11-1/2") 

~ Interior of the tray: 35mm x 152mm x 272mm (1-3/8" x6" x 10-11/16") 

~ Interior of the tray to the underside of the lid: 70mm (2-3/4") 

~ Interior of the cellar (the space under a single tray): 19mm (3/4")

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