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Each box is handmade by Tim, who prefers to use his exceptional hand and machine tool skills to create these exquisite works of art. No automated or CNC processes are used in the making of our boxes.

Our boxes and trays have a soft velvet-lined outer bottom, ensuring a quiet and safe placement on precious surfaces. The highly polished musical instrument quality finish gives our boxes a presentation-grade look. All our finishing materials are transparent, letting the wood species’ natural colour, grain, figure, and chatoyance shine through.

We use handmade hinges and locks sourced from Ireland; all our hardware is of the highest quality. Each box has a handmade leather label inlaid into the underside of the lid, with a box number. A certificate of authentication is provided with each box.

Printed instructions are available to help you care for your box. Each box is shipped in a custom handmade reusable wood crate with high-density foam protection. A carrying strap on the outside of the crate and a soft flannel wrap with built-in straps make lifting the box in and out of the crate easy. The lid of the crate is held in place with Phillips head wood screws, and a custom-made screwdriver is accessible from the outside of the crate in a hidden bay.

All our boxes have slightly different sizes, but the exact dimensions are listed on each box page. We spare no effort or cost to provide the best product possible. Choose Whiskyjak Box Co. for a box that’s not just a storage solution but a treasured work of art.

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