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Tailored Solutions:

Updated: Oct 16

If the Whiskyjak Box selection available on our website doesn't quite align with your specific vision, don't worry. We're more than happy to have a discussion about modifying an existing piece or creating a new commissioned piece that will be exactly what you want. Over the past four decades, a significant portion of my work has been centred around creating designs tailored to the preferences of end users. While Whiskyjak was initially conceived to offer more standardized pieces, the demand for custom craftsmanship is a path we can't help but welcome. Feel free to reach out, and together we can bring your personalized concept to fruition.

Instances of modifying our current Whiskyjak boxes could involve crafting custom inserts for either the box itself or its trays. Even a subtle adjustment like this has the potential to offer meticulously measured compartments, ideal for showcasing valuable collectibles. Many years ago, I constructed an exquisite jewelry box from Rosewood. The client's request was for two shallow trays featuring as many uniformly sized divisions as possible within the available space. This arrangement was specifically intended to accommodate her remarkable collection of rings, with each individual section designed to display a single ring.

Moreover, when delving into the realm of potential personalized designs, the sole restriction is one's imagination. Here's a short compilation of variables and opportunities:

*Box Dimensions:* The box size can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

*Framed Glass Display Lid:* A lid with a glass panel can be incorporated to showcase the contents elegantly.

*Wood Selection:* The choice of wood species or distinctive wood patterns can be based on the owner's preference. It's also possible to craft items using wood supplied by the customer, which might hold historical or sentimental significance.

*Ornamentation:* Various forms of decoration are within reach. Inlay work and marquetry panels can be fashioned for any surface of the box. In the past, I've employed materials like mother of pearl, abalone, pua shell, dyed wood, special veneers, gold, silver, coins, and I once even inlaid a deformed lead bullet that I discovered in the wood I used to construct a guitar.

*Thematic Designs:* Crafting designs aligned with specific themes or historical design periods is a creative avenue to explore.

The creative possibilities are truly limitless, and each custom piece can be a unique embodiment of artistic expression and personal significance.

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